About Us

Kuuza Global Ltd is a combination of an e-commerce and an online marketplace to buy and sell anything at your convenience. With the rampant scamming activities on online marketplaces, Kuuzaglobal.com platform and its safety features and procedures like “Buy through Kuuza” and advanced safety procedures gives both the buyer and seller the assurance of trade without any fear of being duped, defrauded or hitches due to our advanced security system which we pride ourselves over as our core value.
This is the reason we have the “BUY THROUGH KUUZA” Button on each product that allows KUUZA to deal with the seller on your behalf to avoid the tendency of being defrauded.

Sellers are also given their dashboard that on the outlook is user friendly and can be used by sellers as their business websites which helps them to easily navigate, post products and undertake other administrative activities to boost their sales.

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